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August 1996

Creation of Belorussian-English joint limited liability venture “Profitsystem”

August 1996

Creation of the first production site in Berezino, Minsk region

October 1996

Creation of the second production site in Ivatsevitchy, Brest region


Launching of vacuum-pressure impregnation complex on production site №2 in Ivatsevitchy

November 1998

Creation of the third production site in Plestchenicy, Minsk region

1999 г.

Launching of drying complex on production site №2 in Ivatsevitchy

March 2003

Equipping the enterprise with modern Finnish harvesting machinery.

October 2004

Certification of the company by the Forest Stewardship Council

November 2004

Launching of pellets production.


Acquiring and using of new Volvo and DAF log trucks.

February 2008

Launching of second pellets production.

August 2014

Launching of third pellets production.