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We are often asked: why your company is called «Profitsystem»? What is the essence of such system of benefits?

  • Our activities are the benefit  for nature and the environment. We care for forests on a scientific basis; we provide sanitary felling and thinning, creating favourable conditions for growth and development of healthy and valuable trees.

  • We bring benefit to the state and national interests: we promote the effective use and augmenting of one of the most important resources of Belarus - forest resources;  we make our contribution to the development of bioenergetics -  from production wastes we produce pellets, which are the modern alternative energy source; We are an export-oriented enterprise and about 98% of the products we sell outside the Republic of Belarus; we have created hundreds of well-paid working places in small towns of our country

  • We use modern harvesting and woodworking equipment of the leading European manufactures such as Valtra and Jenz.

  • We produce and deliver in large quantities products made of machine-rounded wood. Our products can be found in almost all countries of Western Europe, where they help people create the atmosphere of cosiness and comfort.